Thank you to the 2013 IBW sponsors!

Thank you to the sponsors who gave money and/or carriers to Babywearing International for International Babywearing Week 2013.

  1. Baby K’tan
  2. Beco
  3. Ergo
  4. Marsupial Mamas
  5. Mommycon
  6. Onya
  7. Pavo Textiles
  8. Slingrings
  9. Earthy Bliss
  10. Kindercarry
  11. Pognae
  12. Risaroo
  13. Snuggy Baby
  14. Moby
  15. Maya
  16. Catbird
  17. Beachfront Baby
  18. Bitybean
  19. Comfy Joey
  20. Sleeping Baby Productions (SBP)
  21. Oscha
  22. Sling with Me

BWI-Triangle received 3 carriers so far this IBW: a Pognae buckle carrier, a Lenny Lamb Mermaid Cove Plum Weft wrap, Snuggy Baby ring sling, and eight pairs of sling rings!








Sling Rings


Lenny Lamb Mermaid Cove Plum Weft


Snuggy Baby ring sling


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