Meet Our Leaders

Our Volunteer Babywearing Educators

Tamara Albrecht – Raleigh

Though born in Iowa, Tamara calls herself a Raleigh native. (She got here as soon as she could!) She began babywearing when her nephew was born in 2011. Though at first skeptical of the practice (What’s babywearing? Why would anyone need more than one carrier?!) she figured out quickly how wonderful it was to “wear” a baby! When her daughter arrived in 2013 she started attending BWI of the Triangle meetings regularly and soon decided to volunteer. As a VBE, Tamara loves teaching about her favorite carriers, ring slings. When not chasing her daughter or working on a project for BWI-T she geeks out over fantasy genre novels, Doctor Who, and herbalism. You can find her co-leading the Raleigh meeting and often helping out in Cary or Chapel Hill as well.

Andrea Farris – Cary

Andrea is a native North Carolinian currently residing in Cary.  Her days are spent homeschooling her 3 children, running a local homeschooling group, and volunteering as Treasurer and VBE for BWI-T.  Andrea has worn all of her children but wore her youngest from birth.  She discovered her passion for babywearing after the birth of her third child and loves teaching new Moms how to make life with a new baby easier through wearing. Her favorite carriers are wraps and SSC’s.  She loves to crochet, sew, and do anything creative.

Kate Dabaco Francis – Durham

Kate is a native Chicagoan who has the accent to prove it. After 5 years of living in Durham, she still can’t pull off “y’all” with any convincing effort. She spends her days running around with her one-year-old ball of energy and wouldn’t have it any other way. Prior to becoming a stay-at-home-mom, Kate’s field of expertise was special education, specifically applied behavior analysis. She has since transferred that love of teaching to educating local caregivers on the ins and outs of babywearing. Although she has loved each of the main types of carriers through various stages in her daughter’s development, her current favorite carriers are her wraps. In her free time, Kate enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter and fur-babies, traveling, and a good mani/pedi.

David Rogers – Chapel Hill

David lives “out in the country” in Hillsborough with his wife, son, two greyhounds, and a cat. He has been baby wearing since his son came home from the hospital in December 2013 and has been volunteering at the Chapel Hill meeting since October 2014. He is an advocate of Moby naps even for toddlers, and his Lillebaby Complete (though you really need to just come to a meeting and see what SSC fits you best if you’re thinking of buying one). David is a full-time stay at home dad (previously a developmental biologist) who enjoys cooking so much that he’s rarely repeated a dinner in the past three years, dance parties with his son, comic book movies, craft beer, and traveling.

Jeanne Serrette- Cary

Jeanne lives in Southern Wake County, technically Fuquay-Varina but just barely, with her husband Dave and their six children – three dogs, two cats, and one tiny human named Mattie, Mathilde if you’re not into the whole brevity thing. She started babywearing her niece and became a VBE before she had a baby of her own to wear. In April of 2015, she unintentionally became a self-fashioned “expert” on preemie babywearing when her tiny human made a hasty entrance into the world six weeks ahead of schedule. When not proselytizing the benefits of wearing all the babies, she works as a book wizard for the Erwin Public Library. She originally hails from South Louisiana, and pronouncing her name correctly on first attempt without assistance will earn you one Trader Joe’s one pound chocolate bar.

Sarah Siegel – Chapel Hill

Sarah lives in Carrboro with her husband, son, and extremely tolerant cat. She is excited to welcome a baby girl into her family in January 2016! When she moved here 5 years ago she was working as an economist. One year later, her son was born, and La Leche League (LLL) of Chapel Hill helped her survive a very challenging introduction to motherhood. Through them, she learned about babywearing and BWI-T, which were a major factor in beginning to love staying home with her son. Now, she stays busy staying home with her son and volunteering as President of BWI-T and librarian for LLL. She started wearing her son when he was a couple months old, but plans to start on day one with her second and is really looking forward to those newborn babywearing snuggles. Ring slings are without a doubt her favorite carrier, for newborns all the way to 4 year olds! She can most often be found at the Chapel Hill meeting, but may pop up at any of them.

Alex Sparrow – Raleigh

Alex lives in Raleigh, NC with her husband, 2 year old son, dog and 2 cats. They are expecting their second child in December 2015.  She graduated from NCSU with a bachelor’s degrees in Biology and Spanish Language and Literature.  She loves outdoor activities like hiking and camping, reading when time allows, and of course, sharing the babywearing love!  She also works at a natural parenting store part time.

Jenifer Swindel- Cary

Katherine Troutman- Chapel Hill


Chapter Support Volunteers

Phonechay Baker- Durham

Camille Collins- Raleigh

Sarah Gonzales- Raleigh

Christine Harding– Chapel Hill

Chelsea Hartweg- Raleigh

Sara Montrose- Cary Sara M

Sara lives “way out yonder” in Clayton with her kids Penelope and Parker, husband Jonathan and a few 4-legged friends. Prior to being a SAHM, Sara worked in restaurants and hospitality for 10+ years. She dove into babywearing when her daughter was a month old (back when meetings at Sweetbottoms were a thing!), trying out all carrier types but mainly using SSCs and Meh Dais for outside the home. When her son was born she found the wrapping rabbit hole and never looked back. In the babywearing world, she’s known for her love of Tekhni Wovens, her BST skills, and being handy with a sewing machine. You’ll find that she’s everyone’s biggest cheerleader.

Elizabeth (Ely) Neely- Raleigh

Ngaere Pearce- Chapel Hill

Pitchayapa (Farrah) Shapiro- Durhamfarrah profile pic

Farrah is a transplant from Thailand. Prior to being a stay at home mom, she was in the clinical research field. She lives in Durham with her husband, her fur-born Chow Shepard mix and first born son. She started wearing her son the first month in a SSC but as soon as the NC summer hit, she discovered ring slings through BWI-Triangle. She then became fascinated by all the different types of carriers and ways to wear babies and toddlers! In addition to her love of babywearing, Farrah enjoys cooking, craft beer, and privately singing off key to her son and dog.


Chapter Ambassadors

Andrea Alvarez- Durham

Erica Douthit- Raleigh

Heather Forero- Cary

Meagan Kerr- Chapel Hill

Katie Johnson Parker- Raleigh

Stephanie Raeman- Cary

Sonya Sonnenberg- Durham

Liz Talbot- Raleigh




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