DIY resources

We’ve all thought “I bet I could do that” at some point in our lives and while our children’s safety is not dependent on skilled baking like it is in carrier construction, many people make their own carriers and they are perfectly safe.

We thought putting together DIY instructions in one place would be useful for our members.

Our helpful DIY handout

What fabric weight works best?

  • Meredith says that 5.3oz linen is good for ring slings.
  • For mei tais, Kristin suggests 7.1oz linen because the weight-bearing seams are over a much smaller area of the fabric compared to wraps or slings.
  • Most DIY wraps are 100% linen or Osnaburg cotton; you probably don’t want to get anything heavier than 5.3 oz fabric for a wrap (wraps can be lighter weight fabric because there are no weight bearing seams).

Where should I buy fabric?

  • Meredith suggests for linen or for osnaburg or bottom weight fabric for mei tais.
  • One of our members found that she liked the quality of the linen at MCSSL better.

How do I make the carrier?

  • Kristin’s instructions for her mei tai design used for Chrysalis Designs, LLC.
  • Meredith also has instructions for mei tai and onbuhimo carriers on her blog.
  • Jan of Sleeping Baby Productions has an extensive DIY page.

You can also DIY babywearing coats or cloaks.

  • Many people have just bought a size or 2 larger fleece pullover or zip-up, put the child on the back, and then put on the coat.  Mark where the child’s head would be and then take off the coat and cut an opening.  Sew the raw edges as needed.
  • Others will make a panel that attaches to the front of a coat to cover babies worn on the front of the parent.  This panel can be knit or crocheted, made from an additional coat or fleecie, or sewn from new fabric.
A fleecie from Walmart demonstrating the DIY method of making a Peekaru knock-off

A fleecie from Walmart demonstrating the DIY method of making a Peekaru knock-off


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