About Us & Membership Information

About Us

Welcome to Babywearing International of the Triangle!  Formally known as Triangle Babywearers, our group became a chapter affiliate of Babywearing International in October 2011.  We serve parents and caregivers in the Triangle area of North Carolina.

Whether you are a seasoned babywearer or a first timer in search of just the right carrier, we are here to help you!

Our events are free to all caregivers and children of all ages are always welcome.  Babywearing Learn & Play’s include a “Babywearing 101” session – one of our Volunteer Babywearing Educators will talk through the basics of carrier usage and proper positioning and demo the various carrier options.  There’s also plenty of time to ask questions, to socialize, and most importantly to try on carriers!  Our group maintains a lending library and members always bring plenty of their own carriers – if there’s something you want to try, it’s likely you’ll find it at a Babywearing Learn & Play.

Check out our Facebook group to connect with other local babywearers and to get help with your questions between meetups.  Members are also welcome to post carriers for sale in our monthly For Sale or Trade (FSOT) posts or share other local babywearing events.


Members are the heart of Babywearing International. With their help we are able to fulfill our mission of making babywearing a universally accepted practice through education and support. Babywearing International of the Triangle membership benefits include the right to check out carriers from the library at no charge.

While membership is not required to participate in any of our events, we do encourage individuals to consider joining Babywearing International.  Membership costs $30 a year, two-thirds of which stays with our local group to support education and  outreach in our local community as well as funding exciting new carriers to add to our lending library. The other $10 goes to offset national outreach and education activities as well as administrative expenses such as membership software, insurance to cover our volunteer educators, and legal fees. BWI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, all donations to our group are tax-deductible.

Dual memberships: As the number of BWI groups increases, we recognize some members may be interested in becoming a member of more than one chapter.  The BWI-T policy will be that a member wanting dual membership will pay $50 total: $30 to one chapter (who will send $10 into BWI and be the primary chapter), $20 to secondary chapter. They could then have LL privileges at BWI-T like any other BWI-T member.

You can join BWI of the Triangle in person at our monthly Babywearing Learn & Play meetups, see our Google calendar. If you have questions about membership or babywearing in general, send us an email! Thank you for supporting BWI of the Triangle!

Membership Agreement

I understand that Babywearing International Volunteer Babywearing Educators and group leaders are volunteers and not professionals.  I affirm that I am not acting in reliance on any advice received from them and that, instead, I am responsible for evaluating the usefulness and safety of any babywearing technique or device that I use with my baby.  I affirm that I will hold Babywearing International and its group leaders and volunteers harmless of and from any claim or cause of action whatsoever arising from any injury to myself or my child related to or caused in any way by babywearing.

I understand that babywearing has many benefits but is not without risk, and that the risks include, but are NOT limited to, FALLS (either while putting the baby into the carrier or while using the carrier), POSITIONAL ASPHYXIA (if baby is held in a position that closes his or her airway), and PHYSICAL STRAIN for the person carrying the baby.  I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure the my baby’s airway is open and unobstructed, and that it is my responsibility not to drop my baby.  I understand that I am responsible for my own well-being and my baby’s while babywearing.

By providing payment for my BWI TRIANGLE membership I am agreeing to the terms of the Membership and Lending Library Agreement.


4 Responses to About Us & Membership Information

  1. Maria Simpson says:

    Where Do Meetings Take Place? I’m A First Time Mom And Just Got A Boba Wrap, I Love It And Would Like To Meet Other Parents Of Baby Wearing.

  2. Hi. I am inquiring about membership and borrowing some carriers for a seminar I will be running in the Chapel Hill area at the beginning of August. I teach a form of corrective bodywork for babies and children and I use a Moby during treatment. My hope is to go through the normal procedures of membership and borrowing so that my students can use the apparatus during the seminar. I would need approximately 4 to 6 carriers. Is this something that can happen?

    Christine Holefelder

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